Community Renaissance Anita C. Fonte, PhD. Principal Consultant
Starting in June, 2018, Community Renaissance will be participating in a community reading of Karen Armstrong's book: Twelve Steps to A Compassionate Life.  This effort is part of the global Charter for Compassion movement.
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​​Since 2003, Community Renaissance has offered public process research, analysis, training and facilitation services, particularly focusing on the processes of community capacity-building and decision-making through community-based public participation and engagement.   In 2010, the Partnership for Equity and Civic Engagement, initiated as a collaborative effort among non-profits in 2007, became a program division of Community Renaissance.  Through this division, Community Renaissance is able to offer targeted pro bono services to support activities that promote compassion, happiness, and well-being. 

​​As a small press publisher, Community Renaissance launched Talk UP^ Tucson, authored by Anita Fonte with photos by Mark Grushka and Aron Fonte-Grushka.  The book was released  April, 17, 2013. A second short story collection by Anita and four other authors, Writing at the Paradise Café, was also published in 2013. ​​Anita is a member of the Association of Independent Authors

​ Writing at the Paradise Café is available for purchase ($12.00 plus tax and mailing costs if applicable) upon request to the following:

Contact Information:
Anita C. Fonte

Photographer:  Mark J. Grushka

Program Associates:  Tasha Lynch, Tina Marie Sommers  (current), Larissa Diaz and Anna Steeve-Reese (2014-September, 2015), Beau James (2006-2012) and Tayo Akanni (2009-2010)